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Safety Matters


Shooting sports have an excellent safety record - and that is no accident!


There is no hiding the fact that firearms can be lethal and yet thousands of people shoot 

without anyone being injured. There is one simple reason behind this and that is - DISCIPLINE

It is only when the rules get broken that people get hurt.

If the golden principles are adhered to, at all time, by everyone, then our sport 

will remain one of the safety possible pursuits in the country.

Only load when you are in a position to shoot and have been cleared to do so.


Always keep the muzzle pointed downrange within the 70 mil rule.


Only shoot when there is a safe back-stop or fallout zone.


If you have a problem, remain calm and keep the muzzle pointed downrange.


Only handle firearms when they are unloaded and proven clear.


Only proceed forward of any firing point when directed to do so 

and all firearms have been proven clear.


If in doubt ASK!


And, lastly - protect your hearing at all times. You don't get used to noise, you go deaf.


These principles can be expanded on and are not our range rules, they are the 

overarching principles by which the CDRPC has maintained its 

excellent safety record since 1945.


At our Club, we pride ourselves on rigorous application of these golden principles 

thereby assuring all those who participate and those who could be affected, remain safe and well.


In short, poor safety will simply not be tolerated at the CDRPC. Therefore whether 

an existing member, or simply thinking about joining, you can feel safe in the knowledge 

that behavior is monitored and where necessary challenged. Our qualified and highly 

experienced Range Conducting Officers (RCOs) run every detail professionally and 

WILL take issue with anyone not following best practice. 


For any shooters wishing to join us, please do not be offended if we monitor you quite 

closely initially. We mean no disrespect, but we do not know you and your habits. 

The probationary period for gun clubs was lowered to 3 months. At the CDRPC, 

we adhere to the older standard of 6 months with the view that for you to join us, 

we must have the opportunity to observe your safety profile. Only then will an offer 

of membership be made. Of course anyone being ejected from the Club on 

safety grounds will be notified immediately to the enforcing authority.

CDRPC Chairman

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