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Radio Message Codes

Message codes

The following messages should be used for communication between the Firing Point and the Butts. The target number is given followed by the message code.

1 - Firing about to commence
2 - No spotting disc visible
3 - Spotting disc unmistakably disagrees with signalled value. Check the spotting disc shows last shot and signal it's correct value.* Range Conducting Officer is to view target before passing message.
4 - A shot has been fired but no signal has been made. Examine the target carefully and signal the shot if found or a miss.*
5 - Firer has challenged for a higher value for his shot. Examine the whole target and signal the correct value.*
6 - Radio the number of hists as Score Board figures are not clear (Service Rifle and Cadets only).
7 - Miss has been signalled but firer has challenged for a scoring shot. Re-examine the target carefully and signal the shot if found or a miss.*
8 - Firer has challenged his score. Re-examine the target and show the correct number and the value of shots.*
9 - Marking / shooting appears to be unduely slow. Butt / Range Conducting Officer to check and correct where necessary.
10 - Stand easy. Half mast the target.
11 - It is suspected that the wrong shot hole has been patched out. Butt officer is to consult marker and confirm correct value.* (This message should only be sent after a Message 4 or a Message 7.)
12 - Stand easy, lower target, patch out and put target back up.
13 - Blow off shots are about to be fired (Match Rifle only). Ensure that all targets are fully lowered until Message 1 is given.
14 - It is suspected that there is a second shot on target: inspect the target and indicate any further shot found in addition to the shot presently shown.*
* The result of the message must also be confirmed by radio.
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