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Epperstone Range Sprotbrough Range Thorpe Cloud Range Old Range Historic Photos Competitions


The photo galleries on the left are from 1999 to 2010. 

NOTE...You may get errors on these pages as they are being updated.

NEW !!  January 2018.   Thorpe Cloud. A day of Sunshine and Snow

July 2015.   Thorpe Cloud



May 2015.   Thorpe Cloud

Showing reactions to shooting large caliber rifle


June 2015.   Timed competition using military rifles 

Here using Lee Enfield No. 4 & No. 1 rifles


Craig.E scores an impressive first shot hit on a 65mm reactive target 

( That's the little orange spot shown on the photo below )


May 2015.   Nicks new Sako TRG 22.


May 2015.   Sako TRG 22 the first four shots

If anyone has a good explanation why the first shot through a clean barrel never goes where you
want it to go. In this example it was about one inch high from the following three shots. 

 Don't clean it is one option !   Thanks to Mark  J for that one
Please e-mail me your thoughts and ideas. 


March 2015.   Thorpe Cloud







March 2014.   Ian Cresswell's Bullet in flight photo

February 2015.    Spot the RCO at Sprotbrough

January 2015.  Thorpe Cloud 

Getting V-bulls while shooting in a 70MPH blizzard  

Never ever try this, it hurts !  Thanks to Bill for the photo, it reminds me of the pain ! 



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