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Epp Comp Day Photos


Epperstone Competition Day 26th September 2018


Lucky Dip Shoot  (The difficult one !)  Results

1st                  Charles Tomlinson      36

2nd                 Emily Kay                  33
3rd                  Stuart Gash               29 

John White Target Competition Results

1st                    Paul Chappell        98 

2nd                  Charles Tomlinson   94

3rd                   Nick Rhodes           79

Norman Hoare Military Competition Results
1st                        Paul Chappell      121

2nd                       Nick Rhodes        111

3rd                       Stuart Henshaw   109

Albert Goodman Sporting Rifle Competition Results

1st                        Charles Tomlinson    154.4

2nd                       Paul Chappell          145.7

3rd                       Stuart Gash              141.0


Mini McQueens Sniper Shoot

1st                        Charles Tomlinson     48    Won on count of X scored

2nd                       Nick Rhodes             48

3rd                       Paul Chappell            ??       



Epperstone Competition day 20th September 2014

Comp Stages 100M & 25M

Fun Shoot Results

1st                         Sean Dale           46

2nd                       Paul Chappell   45
3rd                        Craig Watson    39 

John White Target Competition Results

Equal 1st             Paul Chappell   98

Equal 1st             Nick Rhodes     98

3rd                        Craig Watson   100 (seated)

Norman Hoare Military Competition Results

1st                         Bill Munden      125

2nd                       Paul Chappell   122

3rd                        Mike Egan         102

Albert Goodman Sporting Rifle Competition Results

1st                         Paul Chappell   147

Equal 2nd           Chris Jerman      140

Equal 2nd           Bill Munden       140

Winners at the end of the day

Most of the team


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