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70th Photos & Scores


70th Fun Shoot Photos and Results from 14th November 2015

Even with Ex Hurricane Kate getting ever closer hour by hour on the day, a successful days shooting was held to mark the 70th year of our clubs activities. I hope everyone who attended had a go at all the events and found them both a challenge and enjoyable. 

Many thanks must go to all those who assisted and enabled the days events to run so well. I'll not name everyone on this page  but you know who you are. I  must record the varied tasks performed by many volunteers on the day. 

Key holders , Target construction, Ammunition supply, RCO and deputy duties, Food and drink preparation, Target markers and re-setting, Target scoring, Competition rules preparation, Event publicity and communications, Money collection, Rifle provision and use, Gate security, Prize  medals engraving and supply.  I'm sure someone will let me know any I have missed.

For the record, several volunteers helping run our clubs 70th shoot were from The Sheffield Muzzle Loaders and SYP Rifle and Pistol Club, so many thanks for your help on the day. 

Nick Rhodes   -   Secretary CDRPC 2015  


Military Rifle at Pistol Target .303

1st                  Nick Rhodes           44

2nd                Adrian Furniss       42      

3rd                 James Emmerson   40  

Sporting Rifle at Clays .357

Equal 1st       Steve Dannatt        3  

Equal 1st       Mike Egan              3 

Equal 3rd      Paul Kaye , R.Emmerson , Mike Kirby       2 


Mini McQueens Sniper Shoot 

1st                    Craig Evans        50.7 

2nd                   R. Emmerson     49.1               

3rd                   Andy Overend   47.7                   

9 Wooden Blocks

1st                     Adrian Furniss    9 + Blue Disc   45 Seconds    

2nd                   Nick Rhodes        9 + Blue Disc   58 Seconds      

3rd                    Chris Jerman        9 + Blue Disc  1 Min  34 Seconds  


10 Knockdowns .22RF

1st                    Anne Overend     10  5 Mins  21 Seconds

2nd                   Andy Overend    9    2 Mins  08 Seconds    

3rd                    J Emmerson         8    2 Mins  24 Seconds   



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