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About Our Club

Founded in Chesterfield 1945 and  has been in continuous operation to the present day. We are a Home Office approved club with affiliations to the NRA , MLAGB and NSRA. Our club welcomes new members who will be able to shoot rimfire and centerfire rifles. Also, muzzle loading rifles and pistols on indoor and outdoor ranges from 25 to 500 yards. Please explore our web site for additional information relating to our clubs range facilities and activities this year.
For more information please contact  the clubs Secretary via e-mail   cdrpc@btconnect.com        Made with Xara               WEB content and updates by Copyright © 2024 Chesterfield And District Rifle And Pistol Club                                                                                                                   Nick Rhodes
The Chesterfield and District  Rifle and Pistol Club

Thorpe Cloud on a sunny day

The clubs enamel badge, free to all full members

Reactive Targets

Range Work Days

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Club Notice Board

( If you have not read this and signed the last page then handed it to the Secretary.  Please do it now ).

     300 Yards .22RF event. Epperstone June 2019 ( Thanks to Angela for the photo )

500 Yards at Thorpe Cloud in September 2019 ( Thanks to Bill for the photos )

The club Secretary awarding prizes at the September 2019 Memorial competition

The results from 2019 Memorial Competition held at Epperstone on September 28th         JOHN WHITE SHIELD - 25yd indoor .22rf                    An additional photo with Nick Shaw, join winner of the military competition             1st -     Paul Chappell                                98             2nd -   Charles Tomlinson                         96             3rd -    John Anderton                               91         MILITARY - NORMAN HOARE - 100 yd - SHIELD             1st    -    Joint winners                           Nick Shaw and Nick Rhodes      118             3rd    -   Paul Chappell                              116         SPORTING - ALBERT GOODMAN - 100yd - SHIELD             1st    -    Paul Chappell                              143.5             2nd   -    Charles Tomlinson                     141.3             3rd    -    Terry Snowden                           137.2         MEMORIAL COMPETITION - 25yd indoor .22 rf             1st    -    John Anderton                            91              2nd  -    Terry Snowden                           87              3rd   -    Roger Gains                                84         MINI McQUEENS - 25yd indoor .22rf - TROPHY             1st     -   Charles Tomlinson                      56             2nd    -   Tony Vizard                                  52             3rd     -   Roger Gains                                 50         LUCKY NUMBERS - 25yd indoor .22rf             1st      -    Tony Vizard                                  48             2nd    -     Joint 2nd place                             Sean Dale and Terry Snowden  44
We asked people to pay £1 to enter the Lucky numbers and the winner received 50% of the money with the remaining 50% (£5) going to Ashgate Hospice who the club are supporting again this year.   The profit (£30) from the catering was also being donated to Ashgate Hospice.   The total of £35 was taken to the Ashgate Hospice shop and was gratefully received.

     Our first range day of 2021 at Epperstone on 2nd April

Just before the storm arrived.    Thorpe Cloud, 28th July 2021

Thanks to Bill for the photos

2024 Range day calendar now fully updated !

Bucket loads of

club ammunition

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